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Embracing Imperfection

In 1995 as a young music fan, I was drawn to the connection between the sound of U2 and their visual art created by Anton Corbijn. Little did I know that this discovery would lead me on a journey to become a photographer myself.

At 17, I enrolled in a graphic design school that included photography, but I quickly lost interest in the technical aspects of the craft and skipped class many times (read: going out for a burger.)

Instead, I found myself drawn to the emotional connection that photography can provide. I realized that I could create moods and tones without being technically perfect, and that imperfection could sometimes add to the impact of the image.

Years later, after honing my skills and developing my style, I found that my minimalist, raw approach to photography was what people were looking for. My lack of technical knowledge in the beginning may have been a disadvantage, but it ultimately led me to create my own style that has become my signature.

Nowadays, I am technically proficient, but my approach to photography has not changed. I still focus on capturing the essence of my subjects and most of the time using only my camera and the natural light to create a mood and aesthetic. I don't take it for granted to have found a way to express my creativity while also making a living.

In conclusion, my journey as a photographer has taught me the importance of embracing imperfection and following your intuition. Your unique perspective and approach to art can be your biggest asset, so don't be afraid to embrace it.


Richard Stark

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